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Can cats eat yogurt? Can Cats Eat Yogurt? And if it safe for cats? How much should they eat yogurt for their health? If yogurt is beneficial for cats in reality? Let’s find out! Many people want to know if cats can eat yogurt. As you may have heard that most cats are lactose intolerant. But if that is true. why we are discussing on yogurt. And why yogurt is recommended for cats with digestive problems by some people.

How can a cat be lactose intolerant? if yogurt is good for them? You might be confused. But, it is not surprising. But don’t worry – We’re here to clear your doubts. And You will get all the answers in here. So, Can cats eat yogurt? What kind of yogurt could they eat? Does yogurt contain any nutrients value that is good for our cats? Read on to find out!

Can Cats Eat Yogurt

can kittens eat yogurt
can kittens eat yogurt

Lactose is safe for kittens. They can digest lactose. Because at that age, they rely on their mother’s milk to survive. But as time pass and they get older, They no longer has a need for them to consume milk. So, they stop producing the enzyme which used to help them to digest the milk.

Because of it, many cats become lactose intolerant.

We have seen many images of cats lapping up milk or snacking on cream. But in reality, your cats can’t consume that kind of food. A lot of these foods can cause your feline friend a multitude of problems.

There is also no real requirements for cats to have milk at all.

Cat are naturally carnivores. Their diet should rely on other animal meat. Milk doesn’t contain many health benefits. When a cat grows out of the kitten stage in wild, cats will stop consuming milk into adulthood.

However, in the case of yogurt, it is different.

Yogurt is a dairy product. But, it contains good bacteria. This makes it easier for your cat to digest other dairy products.
But still, they shouldn’t eat a lot of yogurts. But, they will be fine eating a small amount of yogurt now and again.

can cats and dogs eat yogurt

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Are cats lactose intolerant?

If the cat is young they will produce enzymes that can help to break down and digest lactose. Basically, young cats need to drink mothers milk. This enzyme is necessary as mammals like us and cats to break down lactose. But as cats get older their body will produce less of this enzyme. And slowly it gets harder for them to digest lactose.

When the cat reaches twelve weeks. They start losing the ability to produce the enzyme to break lactase. Slowly, they may eventually lose the ability to process milk in their body.

And many cats grow up to be lactose intolerant. They may get an upset stomach if you give them too much milk, cream or cheese. There are many images on the internet shows cat drinking milk and cream is very popular. But, in reality, too much milk could give the cat diarrhea and other digestive issues.

Yogurt contains natural helpful bacteria. Bacteria creatures are called Streptococcus thermophiles and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. These bacteria are able to break down lactose in lactic acid. Lactose, the part of milk that most cats are unable to digest. But if your cat is taking yogurt. Yogurt will be able to break lactose into lactic acid. And The cat should be able to digest the yogurt without any issues.

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Health Benefit Of Yogurt

Some cats love yogurt. Your cat may not need to eat yogurt. But if your cat can handle it. It will add a lot of great benefits for your cat. That’s because of the live active bacteria contained in the yogurt. That will provide your feline friend with some great benefits.

Yogurt For Cats With Diarrhea

If you do notice your cat having diarrhea regularly. You can give around 5ml of yogurt to your feline friend before giving her every meal. This will solve the problem. The probiotics will get rid of gas and cramps by soothing the digestive tract. And also help to fix up indigestion. There is some best probiotic yogurt for cats best to deal with diarrhea.

can cats eat strawberry banana yogurt

Dental Health

Even it helps your cat’s teeth benefit! The living bacteria in yogurt keep the flora in your cat’s mouth balanced. It helps to prevent gum disease and keeping the teeth healthy.

Other Benefits

Really, there are a lot of benefits to eating plain yogurt. Here some of them are listed:

  • The calcium helps to strengthen bones and builds muscles.
  • Relieves upset stomachs. It like from swallowing too many hairballs.
  • It Prevents vomiting by calming the stomach.
  • Small amounts of yogurt can give your feline friend a bigger appetite.
  • Yogurt improves allergies because of the probiotics.
  • Bowel movements are made healthier. While digestive problems are relieved.
  • Antibiotics kill bacteria. As the active bacteria restore good bacteria in the intestines.
  • Helps to Strengthens the immune system.

Overall, yogurt also has a lot of nutritive benefits for cats. That including,

  • Potassium,
  • Calcium,
  • and Magnesium.

All of these could help your feline friend to absorb nutrients. It also helps to build up their muscles and bones at the same time. If your cat is getting treated for immune problems, or she might have an infection or is dealing with diarrhea. Then the yogurt may be exactly the thing that you’re looking for to replace bad bacteria. And It will restore the good stuff.

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Do Cats Like Yogurt

Many cats love yogurt. But some cats don’t like it.

You can tell pretty quickly if your cat does like or not. If they don’t like yogurt because they’ll avoid eating it.

If your cat has never eaten yogurt before. Then try feeding them a small teaspoon of plain yogurt. And see if they like it.

Your cat may prefer flavored yogurt than plain yogurt. But flavored yogurt isn’t a good choice. Because it is either high in sugar. Otherwise, artificial sweeteners. Both of them are bad for your cat’s health.

can cats eat coconut yogurt

Is Yogurt Good For Cats?

Yogurt is a good source of minerals. All of them are beneficial for humans and cats. Calcium helps to strengthen bones. And magnesium is important because it helps your feline friend to absorb important vitamins and proteins.

However, your cat should already get all of these things from their complete approved cat food.

Yogurt also contains ‘living creatures’- healthy bacteria – which can be beneficial for your cat’s immune system including the digestive system. Yogurt also contains important vitamins like Vitamin B which can help keep them healthy and energetic.

The probiotics living creatures in yogurt are very beneficial for your feline friend’s digestive health.

You can provide small amounts of yogurt as a treat to cats to prevent diarrhea and other digestive issues.

However, further study is required to identify and to know beneficial to all the species.

Is Yogurt Safe For Cats?

Some cats are allergic to yogurt and, if they do eat it, they will suffer from stomach upsets and other problems. You may want to consult with your vet before feeding yogurt to your cat, and when you first introduce yogurt into your cat’s diet. You should start off with very small portions and keep a close eye on them to make sure they are okay.

You shouldn’t give your cat too much yogurt. Yogurt should be an occasional teaspoon treat or it can be used to settle an upset stomach.

Plain yogurt should be fine as long as your cat isn’t allergic, but you should never feed your cat flavored yogurt or yogurt which contains artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

can cats eat cherry yogurt

Too much sugar can make your cat sick, and anything artificial could be quite dangerous.

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Is Yogurt Bad For Cats?

Some cats are allergic to yogurt. Then do not let them eat yogurt. Because, if they do eat it. They might suffer from stomach upsets or other problems. You should consult with your vet before feeding yogurt to your cat like any other human food.

And, when you first introduce yogurt into your cat’s diet. You should start off with very small portions. You can start with a small spoon of yogurt. And keep a close eye on your cat to make sure they are okay.

You shouldn’t give your cat too much yogurt to cats at once. Yogurt should be an occasional teaspoon treat. Otherwise, it can be used to settle an upset stomach.

Plain yogurt should be fine. Because they are free of artificial sugar and other stuff. As long as your cat isn’t allergic you can give them yogurt. But you should never feed your cat flavored yogurt. Because they contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Too much sugar can make your cat sick. And anything artificial could be quite dangerous for cats.

Can Cats Eat Greek Yogurt?

Unflavoured Greek yogurt should be fine for cats. They can consume it in small quantities. The yogurt contains full of live creatures and healthy bacteria. So you may want to try a few different brands to see which one is best for your feline friends.

Avoid flavored Greek yogurt. And check the ingredients of yogurt for anything artificial. Because safety is the first priority for our cats.

can cats eat chocolate yogurt

Can Cats Eat Vanilla Yogurt?

Can Cats Eat Yogurt When it’s Vanilla Flavored?

Vanilla in itself isn’t toxic to cats. Cats are able to eat small amounts of it. But, many cats don’t like the taste of vanilla. They may not wish to eat it.

However, vanilla yogurt is likely to contain vanilla flavoring. Which may contain other ingredients. That is bad for your cats.

Vanilla extract can contain ethanol. Which is toxic to cats. It can cause various symptoms like drowsiness, heart attack in cats.

The vanilla extract in yogurt may well be alcohol-free. But vanilla yogurt also tends to contain sugar and/or sweeteners. That could be dangerous for your cat’s health.

It is not recommended for cats to consume vanilla yogurt. Because, whilst a small amount is unlikely to cause any problems. It is not particularly good for your cat.

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Can Cats Eat Strawberry Yogurt?

Can cats eat yogurt when it’s strawberry flavored?

Strawberries are nontoxic for cats. And they don’t contain many health benefits for your cat. They are quite a bit high in natural sugar. So too many regular strawberries may cause stomach problems to cats.

Strawberry yogurt, it likely to contain a lot of sugar. And this sugar is likely to upset your cat’s stomach. Strawberry yogurt may also contain additives. Which could be harmful to your cat’s health.
If you want to give your cat yogurt. It should ideally be plain. Sugary Yogurt will upset your cat’s stomach due to its high sugar content. And at worst case, other ingredients could make your cat really sick.

can cats eat fruit yogurt

Most cats won’t like strawberries that appealing. They may refuse to eat them. But if your cat does like the odd strawberry. You can give her now and again. You could always feed them a small amount of plain yogurt with a few strawberries topping as flavor.

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Can Cats Eat Blueberry Yogurt?

Can cats eat yogurt when it’s blueberry flavored?

Blueberries are a human ‘superfood’. Because they are low in calories. They high in fiber. And they contain many vitamins including,

  • Vitamins A,
  • Vitamins C,
  • Vitamins E,
  • and Vitamins K.

Blueberries also contain essential minerals such as,

  • Potassium,
  • Iron,
  • and Manganese,

plus they are antioxidants. They can help keep us and our bones healthy.

Cats wouldn’t necessarily choose to eat blueberries in the wild. But a small portion of blueberries is safe for cats. They may have similar health benefits for cats as that they do for humans.
Nowadays, You will find that some cat food is added with blueberry extract. Because it works as a natural food preservative without all the synthetic properties.

Blueberry yogurt, is bad for cats. Because it is likely to have a high sugar content. That can upset the cat’s stomach.

Flavored yogurt also often contains additives and preservative. That could be really detrimental to your cat’s health.

Plain yogurt may not appeal to your cat. So rather than feed them flavored yogurt. You should give them natural plain yogurt with a few fresh blueberries. They still get the nice taste without the additional sugar.

can cats eat yogurt safe

credit: https://crazystars101.deviantart.com/art/Infographics-Greek-vs-Regular-Yogurt-387967675

Don’t give them too many blueberries. However, as even in their natural state blueberries do contain sugar. But too many blueberries could upset your cat’s stomach.

Cats are natural carnivores. And most of their diet should be made up of meat. But a handful of blueberries topping with a bit of yogurt can be a healthy and safe treat.

Can Kittens Eat Yogurt?

Kittens can produce the lactase enzyme in their body. Because they drink mothers milk for the first few months. So, they are able to digest milk better than the adult cats.

However, you need to be very careful what you feed to your kitten. Because they are still growing and developing.

Kittens should be fine if they eat a small amount of yogurt. As long as it is plain and does not contain artificial sweeteners.

However, with that said we do not recommend you to give them any of them. It won’t have any additional nutritional benefits. It may upset their delicate new stomach.

You should not give new food to kittens with under 18 month, young kittens need milk from her mom cat. You should only share yogurt kind of food with grown up kittens.

can cats eat probiotic yogurt

Cat Yogurt Treats

Plain yogurt can be used to treat. Plain yogurt can help with cat’s upset stomach and help them with antibiotics. And, yogurt for cats on antibiotics. And it also makes a delicious treat.

You shouldn’t give your cat too much yogurt. It shouldn’t be consumed every day. But, you can let your cat finish spoonfuls in their food bowl.

Cats can consume small amounts of fruit. So, if your cat likes a particular fruit you can pop a few pieces in a bowl with a small amount of yogurt for dessert in moderation once a while.

can cats eat yogurt with honey

Can Cats Eat Yogurt With Honey

Honey is not toxic to cats. So, Cats can be able to eat it safely. Honey is one of the purest foods you could find in nature. They are incredibly beneficial to humans and animals because of the mineral makeup.  Honey can be used in food, as a medicine, or you can mix it into drinks, teas.  Your cat may be like the taste of honey in her food. You can give her a spoonful to little lick off a spoon. If your cat enjoys some honey mixed in her food. Your cat will get the benefit from raw properties. If your cat is fine with eating yogurt then you can safely give your cat yogurt with honey mix. Most cats can’t digest milk. So, You make sure do not give too much to your cat if she having it for the first time.

Can Cats Eat Pudding

Puddings might content milk, sweet, cream. Most cats are lactose intolerance they can’t digest milk very well. And, too much sweet and cream is not healthy for your cat. So, It is better that you stop giving your cat pudding.


Many cats grow up to be lactose intolerant. But, they should still able to consume a small amount of yogurt. It contains living bacteria which helps cats to break down and digest milk.  Plain yogurt could be very healthy and nutritionally beneficial for cats. Overall it is a great treat with some fruit topping. Hope this article helps you to get your answers and all doubt related to “can cats eat yogurt“.

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