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Can cats eat pancakes? This is our today’s question. Pancakes are one of the popular food all over the world. And, That is probably because they taste delicious and very easy to make.
If you are eating some pancake, then you might be tempted to share some pancakes with your furry friend. Therefore, This brings up a question for us, “is it safe for cats to eat pancakes”?

Can Cats Eat Pancake

cat friendly pancakes
cat friendly pancakes

The short and simple answer is cats can eat small pieces of pancakes not on regular basis. Because regularly feeding pancakes to your cat is not recommended.

Pancakes usual ingredients are flour, baking powder, milk, eggs, and butter. Sometimes we add maple syrup on top of it. The problem is with two of these ingredients of the pancake milk and butter. They are dairy products, Most cats cannot properly digest dairy products. If your cat ate a good portion of pancakes. Then, It would very likely result in your cat having diarrhea.

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Some cats might able to digest lactose. But, Sadly, a lot of cat owners do not know this, that most adult cats are lactose intolerant. As the baby cat grow up they lose their ability to digest milk product. This means that they simply can’t produce the necessary enzyme for breaking down lactose. Therefore, You should not be fed any kind of dairy products to your cat if your cat is lactose intolerant.

Sometimes giving your cat a small piece of a pancake is fine. A small piece of a pancake wouldn’t contain enough lactose. So, it can’t cause any problem for a cat. However, I would still advise you against it. Because it’s not a good idea making a habit something that she should not be eating.

do cats eat pancakes

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Vegan Pancakes Is Any Better Choice For Cat?

Plant-based diets are getting more popular these days. The pancakes you are buying from the store and eating might not contain dairy at all. If this is the case, then you are allowed to share some pancakes with your feline friend. But you have to moderate the amount feed to your cat. Vegan pancakes are safe for cats. But nutritionally they wouldn’t offer any much to a cat.

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It’s best to avoid feeding your cat any kind of junk. I mean you should not let your cat fill up on things that do not provide her with all the nutrients she needs. If this kind of thing happens every once in a while, then it probably wouldn’t affect your cat either will cause any serious problem for your cat, however. But, if you regularly let your cat fill up on things that provide her with no essential nutrients that she needs. Then it can lead to malnutrition and serious health problems for your cat.

can cats eat pancakes maple syrup

Can Cats Eat Pancakes With Syrup

As we already said before pancake is not the best choice for your cat on a daily basis. So, Just do not make it into a habit. But, If you are eating some pancake maple syrup. Then, you might think about share with yummy food with your cat. Then it is probably yes. A small piece of pancakes with maple syrup wouldn’t cause any ill effect to a cat.

A small amount of maple syrup is safe for cats. Overeating of pancake and syrup, she might throw up. So, Next time if your cat is staring at your plate of pancake with syrup, do not hesitate to share a small piece of it.

could cats eat pancakes

Can Kittens Eat Pancakes

Most baby kittens can digest milk. As they could digest their mummy cat’s milk. Small pieces of pancake might not hurt your kitten. But, Does not share any human food with your kitten if she is under 18 week, in that case, consult with your vet. But, it recommended not to make this into a habit. Occasionally a small piece of a pancake is safe as a treat.

Kittens under 18 week should not eat any kind of food like pancakes. She should eat her mom cat milk. But, you can to give your kitten some premium baby cat food in her main diet.

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Can Cats Eat Pizza

Cats can’t digest Yeast properly. They have a hard time digesting. The cooked bread may be harmless to your cat. But, raw yeast can kill your cat. Most cats will not try to eat pizza dough.


Pancakes are not a healthy food item for cats. As an obligate carnivores animal. They need an animal-based diet. Even though if you do not use any milk and butter to make pancakes. Still, a pancake wouldn’t add any nutritional value to your carnivorous cat’s health. It will be still a poor breakfast choice for your cat. Hope This article helps you to get all your answers related to “can cat eats pancakes“. Feel free to comment if you have other questions.


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4 Exciting Facts About Can Cats Eat Pancakes | Should You Give Your Cat
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