9 Things About Can Cats Eat Oranges, Lemons | What Other Fruits Are Toxic To Cats


Can cats eat oranges? This is our today’s topic. There are many citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits are important in our diet. Because They are good sources of Vitamins like Vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial to our health. And, cats also need vitamin C. But, cat’s bodies could make all the vitamin C they need for themselves.

Oranges are really sweet. So you might think of share this fruit with your furry feline friend. So, there is a question come out? Can cats eat oranges, lemons like other citrus fruits? Let us find out.

Can Cats Eat Oranges

my cat likes oranges
can cats eat oranges

The short answer is No. Cats should not eat oranges and any other citrus fruits. The essential oils and psoralens

contain in oranges are toxic to cats. If a cat consumes some orange. Then she would most likely get bad diarrhea and otherwise will start to vomit.

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are not good for cats and dogs. They can also cause depression and photosensitivity to your feline friends. Therefore, they are definitely not the bests food to share with your cat. If you have different pets like dog, then you should know the oranges is not safe for cats.

can dogs and cats eat oranges

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Can Cats Eat Lemons

No, cats should not eat lemons too. The problem with lemons that lemons contain the same toxic essential oils and psoralens like oranges. And, lemons are even more acidic than oranges. Therefore, they are even more likely to upset the stomach of your feline friend. So, lemons are also definitely no-no for your cat.

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What About Other Citrus Fruits

Limes, grapefruits, tangerines, and pomelos these are all citrus fruits. They are bad for cats as well. A good rule of thumb that cats cannot eat any citrus fruits.

According to the ASPCA, orange is toxic to cats. So, you should not give your cat a piece of lemon. Some cat ower let their cats eat it merely for the purpose of it being entertaining to watch their feline react to the bitter taste of lemons. Yes, it is true, a small piece of lemon is not likely to harm your cat.

But, This will cause your small feline stress. Is it not right to purposely cause stress to your cat for the sake of entertainment?

can cats eat mandarin oranges

Are There Any Benefits?

It is really difficult to eat an orange. Cats generally would not eat fruits and anything else except maybe its color.

Citric fruits are high levels of Vitamin C. We need Vitamin c to boost our immunity. But for cats, this vitamin they can produce in their own body. So they really do not need this fruit. There aren’t actually any real benefits to feeding your cat some orange. So, it’s better you should keep staying away from the idea.

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Problem with Citrus Fruits Like Oranges, Lemons

They are dangerous to cats because the essential oils they contain which require glucoronyl transferase to be metabolized properly. So, it will build up to toxic levels to the cat’s body. Oranges also contain psoralens. This will give your feline friend indigestion and depression.

Many other mammals that cats can’t break down in their body. Some ingredients so, this means you can’t give those citrus fruits to your cat. This fruit could cause the problem to the digestive system of your cat. So, you should not make them never touch the fruit.

And, other citrus fruits are also bad for cats for the same reason. So you should keep your cat away from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and tangerines.

why does my cat like oranges

Effect Of Orange In Cats

If your cat is very curious and she mistakenly ate an orange. The worse case is likely the effects will be uncomfortable rather than something serious like vomiting and diarrhea.

Can Cats Eat Orange Peels

You should not share any kind of citrus fruits with your cat including oranges and lemon. More importantly, peels of the fruits are not that healthy for cats. You should remove the peels. Do not feed peels to your cats. Because, it can cause stomach problem to your kitty.

can my cats eat oranges

Other Foods Cats Can’t Eat

3.Coffee, tea and energy drinks
4.Dairy products
5.Fat trimmings, raw meat, raw eggs and raw fish
6.Grapes and raisins
7.Onions and garlic

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So, What Can Cats Eat

1. Salmon
2. Spinach
3. Fish Oils
4. Eggs
5. Cantaloupe
6. Chicken
7. Bananas
8. Oatmeal
9. Pumpkin
10. Cheese
11. Bread
12. Apples
13. Blueberries
14. Peas
15. Turkey

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Can Cats Eat Mandarin Oranges

Few slices oranges are fine for cats. They may be good as an occasional treat. But, They are very acidic and it could affect the urine pH/alkaline balance in cats. If your cat has urinary infections this would be best to avoid oranges.

We suggest avoiding feeding oranges to cats. Instead, you could give her other fruits like apples, bananas, melons.  And, you also can take advise from a vet on this concern. One or two segments of mandarin oranges should not hurt your cat.

If your cat develops loose stools after having it, then stop giving it to her. But, As long as her stools are healthy and she is getting regular cat food, fruits will do good for your cat.


cats and orange peels

Oranges and lemons are citrus fruits. They contain essential oils and psoralens. They are toxic to our cats. That is why you should not share citrus fruits like oranges and lemons with your cat. But, you don’t need to get sad that you can’t share any fruits with your cat. There are still a lot of other fruits that your cat can eat. Just like small apple pieces and a slice of a mango or banana would make a healthy treat for your feline friend.

According to ASCPA, all the citrus fruits like oranges, lemons fruits, and their peels are toxic for cats. So, if you think about sharing some fruits like oranges and lemons. Then, forget that idea. Do not share something like that with your cat. The result would not be sweet. If you love your cat then you should keep her away from citrus these fruits. Because they could get a very bad stomachache and vomiting and diarrhea from it. Hope, This article helps you to get your answer related to “can cats eat oranges“.

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