11 Facts About Can Cats Eat Bananas Everyone Should Know


Can cats eat bananas? Bananas are a great fruit. Monkeys love them. Dogs like to drool when offered a reward of banana bits. Bananas are one of our favorites fruit. They are a good source of nutrition, the source of natural sugar, fibers, vitamins, and proteins. On top of that, it’s a very tasty fruit. So, you must be thinking if you should share a slice of banana as a snack with your cat.

Can Cats Eat Bananas

do cats like bananas
do cats like bananas

Bananas are non-toxic to cats. They are safe to feed to your feline friend. A small bite of banana now and then would not hurt your cat. But, it should not be turned into a habit. Because it is an inappropriate food for cats. They are much better off with a more healthy treat like meat base snack than some bananas. It is important to remember that cats have different nutritional needs than humans. Their digestive systems are designed to receive nutrients from meat-based food sources. In the case of banana, they are fruits.

As we know, cats are carnivores. They obtain their daily main nutrients from eating other animal’s meat. But the question is can a cat eat bananas as a special treat? According to the ASPCA

, bananas are not toxic to your cats. But, they do not provide any other details. Experts also do agree, though, It is fine for a cat eating a banana occasionally as a treat. It’s also perfectly safe if they are fed in small slices.

Can Cats Eat Banana Peels

If you are giving a banana to your cat. Always make sure it is ripe. You should remove the peel before giving it to your cats. This will help to prevent choking. You could dampen the piece of banana slightly with water. This is a good idea, as studies show that feeding moistened food to cats is good. Because they can help prevent weight loss plus it extends the portion.

If your cat wants to taste new fruits like bananas. You can mixed banana in a small amount with their regular cat food.

what can cats eat

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Health Benefit

The bananas are a prime source of potassium, a mineral. These minerals support heart and kidney functions. But, bananas are also heavy on the carb. That is the only reason Margaret Gates, director of the Feline Nutrition Foundation says cats do not need them. Normally cats have no requirement for carbohydrates in their daily diet. By feeding some carbs to cats can lead to many problems.

But, cats can digest them in a limited way. Carbs should be only make-up 0-2% of cat’s diet. Cats have a different diet than humans. The indoor cat requires a special diet. That could provide extra nourishment and vitamins. Their main requirement is Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Protein, Taurine, other amino acids, and lots of fats. We know bananas does not offer any of them, right?

If it comes to humans – yes. But cats need to get their nourishment straight from the cat food. Cat foods don’t have artificial sweeteners. Because cats don’t have a sweet receptor in their mouth. Thus, Cats don’t need a treat likes bananas, chocolate, candy, and other types of sweet treats. Although, you may still be wondering if you should share that banana with your cat whiles she is staring at you.

How you are going to say no to that hungry and pleading stare. It’s a valid question. Many foods which are good for us, does not mean those foods will be beneficial for your cat.
ASPCA has labeled the banana as a non-toxic plant when it comes to cats. If you’re feeding your feline friend with high-quality cat food. Therefore, you won’t need to stuff it with additional vitamins or supplements.

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Are Bananas Bad For Cats

Bananas are much higher in carbohydrates and sugar. So, They are bad for cats. They naturally produce more sugar. Your cat is unable to digest and absorb sugar and carbohydrates. Because they do not have the same digestive system as the human body. The high amount of sugar in a cat’s system can lead to many health-related issues. This including obesity and diabetes.

If a cat consumes too much banana at one sit. It could risk having an upset stomach. Your cat’s digestive system cannot cooperate with the amount of sugar and fiber that this fruit has to offer.

Can Cats Eat Bananas For Energy?

Bananas are useful for human bodies. You will often see Athletics eating a banana during matches to keep up their strength high. This is not the same story for your cat. Cats find it difficult to break down and digest human foods like bananas. Especially if you fed a whole one. It often causing constipation problem to cats.

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Are Bananas Safe For Cats?

It is safe to feed a banana to your cat. They are not toxic to cats. It’s necessary for the precautions. If you are feeding any new food to your cats. You should always give a small piece first to see. if she likes it and it does not affect her stomach. You can feed bananas to your cat in moderate amount.

If your cat eats rotten bananas with mold. This will make your cat extremely ill. She will end up vomiting and diarrhea. Because of their stomach is not as strong as ours. You should monitor his tolerance on certain foods.

Cats are fine if they eat the banana. Too much eating fruits could result in diabetes and weight gain. Also bad for their teeth.

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Can Cats Get Allergic to Bananas?

Bananas are not on the list of toxic foods for cats. Cats can eat a small piece of banana. But, some cats may have an allergic reaction to the fruit. The breed of your cat can be the reason and factor for any allergic reactions. So, It better that you should do some research first to see if they are good for your breed.

In that case, you should also talk to your vet who can advise you accordingly. If you have any doubts or you are unsure of any topic.

If your cat never eats a banana before, then you can try to give her some small pieces of banana. if she is not eating for first. You can try to give her some piece every now and then to see if your cats like it or not. Other you can try other cat treats.

Can Cats Eat Banana Chips

Bananas are not toxic to cats. But, as it is fried, that oil and fat containing in chips are not great for your cat. Once a while it would not hurt your feline friend. But, you should not give her on regular basis and do not make it a habit for her. If she is consuming a high amount of sodium is not safe for your feline. It’s best to avoid giving any kind of chips to your feline including banana chips. Instead, you can some other treats like apple, mango or some yogurt once a while.

Just make sure banana chips has less salt in it.

Can Cats Eat Banana Bread

Banana bread could be good food for your cats. Walnut is a no-no food for cats in ASPCA’s list. It may cause diarrhea. Cats often want to try whatever you are eating. She will beg for it. But after have one tastes of that food, sometimes she will not show any interest in them. You could give them treats like boiled chickens instead of banana bread.

In occasionally, You may ask can cats eat Almonds. According to ASPCA, They are okay for cats.

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Do Your Cats Like Bananas

We know that bananas aren’t good for our cats. Where a tiny amount of occasionally won’t hurt your felines. Some cats go bananas for bananas. As a cat lover, we are only aware of how picky our feline friends. We are much concern about their food. We like to do our best for our cat care. You should not feed your people foods too often to cats. They are better to stick with cat foods. But bananas are safe for cats.

can cats eat banana cake

But, when it comes to cats liking bananas. It gets into personal preference. Some cats may love banana. But, in another hand, some may turn their noses up and walk away. Many cats are afraid of bananas. Because of due to their shape.

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Do Cats Like Bananas

Some Cats might like to eat bananas. You do not have to get afraid of seeing your cat eating some bananas. Cats are a curious animal. They might try new foods. So, If your cats want to try some bananas you can share with her some bananas and see her reaction. We prefer giving small amount to start with.


Things are straight. Bananas don’t give your cat any real nutrition. As your cats unable to absorb the sugar relation product. But, they are not harmful as long as you feed them in moderation.
If you are feeding bananas to your cat too often. This can lead to health-related issues due to the high sugar levels.

You should always give a small piece when introducing banana to your cats. And also make sure you do not give any other fruits or vegetables at the same time. Only feed fresh, ripe bananas are good for your cats. But be sure to remove the peel beforehand.

If your cats want to try some different fruits and want to test some banana. You can give her occasionally as a small treat. Therefore, bananas are on the list of fruits that cats can eat. Hope This article helps you to find your answer to “can cats eat bananas”.

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