16 Freaky Reasons Can Cats Eat Strawberries Could Benefit Your Cat


Can cats eat strawberries? This question might come up very often in your mind. As we know strawberries are quite a sweet and tasty fruit. With that being said, means most cats would not particularly be interested in eating them.

However, you may have strawberries on the table that your cat may try to eat. You might also offer your cat a little strawberry vanilla cream. So, You might have doubt if it is safe for cats to eat. How much sufficient for your cats on a daily basis. And, how frequently you should let your cat eat strawberries.

Can Cats Eat Strawberries

cats and strawberries catnip
cats and strawberries catnip

Yes, They could eat strawberries. According to the ASPCA, the delicious strawberries are non-toxic to cats. But, They have very little nutritional benefits to offer to our feline friends. Cat’s needs a lot of protein in their diet. Strawberry does not have any protein value in it. However, They are very high in vitamin C.

But, strawberries do have anti-oxidant value. However, The quality of the volume is low. According to that, your cat might need to eat a lot before they start feeling those benefits. But, It does not tell, how useful strawberries are to cats. Normally cats do not bother to eat them as a part of the diet. This May differ in some case, some cat likes to eat them. The good thing is they are non-toxic to cats.

Any Health Benefits

Some Nutrition Value Strawberries contain,

  • Folic acid
  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamins C, B1, B6, and K
  • Anti-oxidant qualities
  • Dietary fiber
  • Iodine
  • Folate
  • Copper
  • Biotin
  • Phosphorus
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

Are Strawberries Good for Cats?

Strawberries are filled with vitamin C, potassium, and folate.

can cats eat strawberry banana yogurt

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These contain many essential nutrients. But cats can produce all the vitamin C. Therefore, they don’t need to receive it from outside. So it is not necessary to have it in their diet.
But, your cat does need potassium. It helps their nervous system and muscles to work correctly. Also, it to support healthy growth.

Cats also need dietary folate, folic acid to help metabolize proteins also helps to build new cells. They only need it in a tiny amount. A small number of micrograms of each day though.

So if your cat eating nutritionally balanced food. There is no need to give them any other supplements from other sources specifically from strawberries.

It is also important to mention that all fruit has some or more amount of sugar in it. And consuming sugar in high quantities is not good for cats health.

High amounts of sugar can cause obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay in felines.

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How Many Strawberries Are Safe For Cats?

If you are giving any new food to your feline. The rule of thumb would be to judge how safe is the new foods. Fruits like strawberries, They will nutritionally gain from it.

As mentioned above, cats don’t require strawberries in their diet.

Therefore, they should only be fed in small quantities.

A tiny slice from a regular strawberry is fine.

As we have said before, strawberries are safe for cats. But, sometimes the plant is not safe for cats.

can cats eat strawberry greens

Replacement Of Nutritional Fruits

Strawberries can make a good replacement for the treats. Those treat that we normally buy from the market(not all of them) that you usually feed your cat. They are high in fats and extremely unhealthy to felines. If you give them as a treat. You should make sure that the quantity of the strawberries is a small amount. It’s enough that it does not harm your cat’s health, but strawberries are high in sugar. Cats can’t eat too much sugar. If cats do eat food which is high in sugar. They can gain weight, develop diabetes, and have teeth that rot. Nutritious treats are important for cats, but in a moderate amount.


Strawberries can be good. It is beneficial for cat’s health. As they kill bacteria and destructive toxins. Acidity in fruit can be used in a positive way to benefit your cat’s health. But, only when it is in moderation. Foods are high in acidity can cause stomach upset and indigestion. If too much acid is ingested, the stomach lining can disintegrate. It can cause a lot of health problem in cats. Therefore, you should not give your cat too many strawberries at once. There is no problem giving small quantities of strawberries along with their main cat food.

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Not A Part Of Cat’s Diet

Most vets will tell you to feed your pets a diet which is close to that, they would eat in the wildlife. This is said because animals’ bodies have adapted over a period of time. There are different ways to support certain diets. Cats are naturally carnivores. They basically need the animal-based diet in their cat food.

Since they normally eat meat and not vegetation diet. Their digestive systems are not devised to break down plants nutrients.

However, even human food is added to the diet of a cat. Cats may also have a risk of choking on human food. They may be being poisoned by certain ingredients their bodies are not adapted to.

They Are High In Sugar

As we know, there is a high quantity of sugar present in strawberries. So, it means that eating in big quantities of this fruit can develop diarrhea or an upset stomach. Cat’s stomach cannot digest sugar the way human bodies can. The small number of strawberries are safe. But not too often and not in large amounts. As we said before, Cat’s digestive system not built to digest sugar. They are ineligible to break the sugar.


Some cats may be allergic to certain fruits. You may find them rubbing against the fruit rather than eating it. It might cause them to sneeze or weep. If the leaves are still attached to the strawberries. And rubbing against them can irritate the skin of your feline friend. If cat spends time around strawberry plants. She can get a rash. You should observe your cat closely if you are adding new food to cats diet. The allergic concern is serious and must consult with your vet for any further queries.

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Lack Of Necessary Nutrition

As carnivores animals, the main nutrition cats need is animal protein. Strawberries do not contain any protein. So, Therefore, there are of not much use when it comes to fulfilling the nutritional need in a cats diet. Cats need protein from other animal sources to survive.

If you are adding a bit of fruit and veggies to their diet, this will not be harmful to cats. Strawberries do contain many anti-oxidant properties. But, unfortunately, There is not much to fulfill the cat’s diet requirements.

Are Strawberry Plants Toxic To Cats?

This is important to keep your cats away from any plants toxic for cats. You should know about these plants before you intend to keep in your home or yard. Cats are known as nibblers of greenery. It is crucial to know what they ate outside and if is safe for them or not.

So, Can Cats Eat Strawberry Leaves?

The strawberry plant is not toxic. However, the saw-toothed leaves can cause skin, nose, and eye issues with our feline friends.

If a cat interacts with the leaves. It may irritate the cat’s nose and eyes. It can be causing them to sneeze.

To avoid any of these issues. You should try to keeping strawberry plants out of the reach of your cat.

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Some Symptoms Of Strawberries and Strawberries Leaves

These systems may occur in cats, Either in contact with leaves or consuming the big amount of strawberries.

  • Itching
  • Sneezing
  • Blistering
  • Eye problems
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Can Cats Eat Strawberry Ice Cream

If you want to make some special cat food on your own. That is a great thing to do for your cat. Then you might decide to add some strawberries to your vanilla milk ice cream. Ice creams are good once a while. Strawberries are sweet. It’s not necessary that cat will like if your cat is too picky. However, They are non-toxic. So, they are definitely safe. But, they will provide no nutritional value to cats.

can cats eat strawberry plants

Can Cats Eat Strawberry Yogurt

Yogurts are safe for cats. As well as strawberries also safe for cats to eat. But, strawberries provides no health benefit to your our feline friends. But, there is no problem giving it to them. If your cat wants to have a spoon of strawberry yogurt that is completely fine.

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Do Cats Like Strawberries?

Strawberries won’t harm your cat. but do cats like strawberries?

If your cats are as picky. They might not even try it.

The cat is far more likely to play a strawberry as a toy and run off with it instead.

A good way to test if your cat like strawberries or not. Just let them smell a strawberry which you have taken a bite of.

There is a big chance, that they are not going to try a piece.

However, if they consciously smell it. And shows genuinely interested. Then, go ahead and cut them off a small piece and let them eat some tiny pieces of it as they enjoy it.  Maybe your cat might not eat strawberries, Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. On that case, you can different foods to share with your as a treat.

Can Cats Eat Blueberries

Blueberries are a good source of fiber, vitamin C. They also contain antioxidants. But can a cat eat blueberries? She sure can eat it. But, only when you maintain it in moderation. Blueberries are a cat-safe treat. So, you and your feline friend could enjoy this sweet fruit together without any worries.

is blueberry poison for cats

Blueberries and Vitamin C

Blueberries can provide many health benefits to cats. They are a very good source of vitamin C. Even though the vitamin C is not required in the cat’s diet. But, this can benefit a cat suffering from cancer disease. Vitamin C also helps cats suffering from dementia, heart disease or asthma.

There are no side effects of vitamin C supplementation with blueberries. However, If your cat has urinary calcium oxalate stones and crystals, then she should not ingest blueberries. If your cat having any dietary change, then you stop feeding her blueberries and consult a veterinarian.

Blueberry Extract in Cat Food

Blueberry extract is a popular ingredient in many cat foods nowadays. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants properties than any other fruit in the world. And antioxidants are a widely popular used method of preserving any pet food.

Antioxidants help in healthy preservative by slowing down oxidation reaction. Therefore, This keeps your cat’s food fresh and healthy for the longer period of time. Blueberries are a natural fruit. This is making them one of the most sustainable natural preservatives available in the market.

How Much is Too Much For Cats?

Cats are carnivores animal. Therefore the majority of her diet should be meat-based proteins.
But, this doesn’t mean your feline friend can’t enjoy the occasional treats like blueberry. A couple of blueberries and strawberries every other day is more than enough for your cat. If your cat ate many blueberries, then that can cause digestive upset to cats, such as loose stool and diarrhea.

Can Cats Eat Blackberries

Blackberries are safe for cats. Fortunately, according to ASPCA Blackberries are non toxic to cats. Household plants like berries are safe for kitties. So, You can share blackberries strawberries and blueberries with your cats. They will not hurt your cat.

Other Cat-Safe Fruits

Fruits like Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, and raspberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C.  They aren’t the only fruits that your cat can enjoy. Fruits like seedless watermelon, apples without seeds and core and frozen bananas are also good cat safe fruits you could share with your feline friend. Your cat can go ahead and chew them occasionally. There are several fruits that can be poisonous and deadly to your cats. Always avoid grapes, raisins and any other fruits with pits as the pits might be toxic to cats.

How To Deal With Cats And Strawberries

There is nothing much to worry about it. You can give cats a little number of strawberries. Just do not let her eat too much. Normally cats would not eat strawberries too much. But, If you find your cat eating too many strawberries. You should keep it away from her reach.


To summarize the answer, in short, if your cat likes to eat some pieces of strawberries then it’s fine. You can give her a tiny amount of it but, not every day. As they have no nutritional value. We know cats are carnivorous, they need protein in their diet. So, they should also eat their daily cat food. Otherwise, they will lack daily nutrition and protein.

We have tried to answer all the related topic around this “can cats eat strawberries“. Hope this article helps you to find all your answers.

Kittens eating strawberry

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