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Can cats eat raisins? Raisins are tasty and healthy for us. Yeah absolutely right. Therefore, It could be a great cat snack? The answer is no. Because a handful of raisins can cause kidney failure in cats and dogs. It’s more common for that dogs to get sick after eating raisins. It’s best to avoid raisins and grapes from cats and dogs. You should keep raisin and grapes away from your cat’s reach. If you suspect poisoning in your cat, then you should call the vet immediately.

Can Cats Eat Raisins?

will one raisin hurt my cat
will one raisin hurt my cat

No, Cats can’t eat raisins. Raisin and Grapes are toxic for cats. Cats are very picky about their food. They normally would not eat them. There is no such report about cats getting ill from eating raisins. But, Dogs can suffer kidney failure from eating raisins and grapes. So, why we are going to take any risk giving by giving raisins to our cats. So, It is better not to take any risk and should not let her eat raisins and grapes.

Raisins and Grapes Are Harmful To Cats

Your cat ate a mango? He probably is fine. if your cat ate some raisins? You need to call a veterinary. Grapes and raisins can cause acute kidney damage, also could outright kidney failure

. It’s not completely clear why or how this happens to cats after eating raisins. In some fact, your cat may be Ok. But, you should want to prepare on the side of caution.

A handful of raisins and grapes is probably too much for your feline. Never give it to your cats anything like that. No matter how much your cat beg when you eat your breakfast fruit or having fruits as a treat. Don’t let her have a single piece of it. The best thing should give her the healthy alternatives cat food. And also keep grapes and raisins off the table, literally and figuratively.


Grapes and Raisins Can be Toxic to your Cats

If you notice that your cat having a piece of raisins or grapes. You must catch your cat before they eat raisins or grapes. This could take hours or even days before she gets sick. As with any poisoning, symptoms are somewhat vague. Some symptoms that will show up in your cat, she may throw up, have diarrhea, lose his appetite.

Also, yowl in pain or just appear a little weak and “out of it.” If she got her kidney damage is in the mix. She may also be drinking a lot of water and going to the bathroom a lot. Once you’ve identified that something is wrong. Look around for whatever made your cat sick and call a vet or an emergency pet poison hotline number.

what is harmful to cats


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Signs of Toxicity In Cats IF They Eat Raisins

Pet owners have the bad habit of giving their pet’s human food as treats. This can turn into a big serious problem for the cat. Because some of the common human foods can be poisonous to cats and dogs. For instance, grapes and raisins are very delicious and healthy fruit for humans. But, It can be potential health threats to your dogs and cats.

Pet owners should avoid giving any kind of grapes or raisins to their pets. They should also look for the signs of toxicity if their pet ever tastes these toxic fruits (toxic to pets).


Vomiting is usually seen within 12 hours of eating in cats and dogs. Other signs of symptoms that may occur within 24 hours including:


  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of appetite
  • Decreased urination
  • Weakness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Possibly death

can cats eat raisins and sultanas

Cats Can Affect Kidney Disease Caused by Grapes and Raisins

As we know by now grapes and raisins are delicious and healthy fruit for us. But, It is a potential health threat to your Cats. If cats found eating grapes or raisins can cause the sudden development of kidney failure in some cats, particularly mainly in dogs. We know not every cat will like to eat grapes or raisins. But to be on the safe side, Never offer grapes or raisins as treats to eats. Keep it out of your cat’s reach.

There is no clue why these foods cause renal failure in some pets. In another hand, it does not affect in others pets. It could cause overall kidney damage is not known. It depends on the number of grapes and raisins that have been eaten. If your cat has eaten in high quantity she will end up in severe danger. As we know, raisins are more concentrated than grapes. So, it may take fewer raisins to cause illness.


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Treatment for Grape and Raisin Toxicity

But, what if you find out your cat ate a grape or a raisin? What should you do then?

You would want your cat to throw up. You should feed her hydrogen peroxide. This peroxide we normally use for disinfecting our small wounds. The ideal amount would be a teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight. So if your cat is 20 pounds heavy, give her two teaspoons.

Once your cat shallowed the hydrogen peroxide. Take her in a walk or play with her around. You can also shake her tummy. So that the peroxide will mix with the stomach contents. Therefore, you can expect her to vomit 15 to 20 minutes after.

In case, If your cat doesn’t vomit. You could try to give her hydrogen peroxide again. But, if she won’t take it anymore. It is the best choice to bring her to a veterinarian. Also, to remember, you shouldn’t give her hydrogen peroxide more than two times. Veterinarians may try another way to induce vomiting in the affected cat.

They will use activated charcoal to absorb the remaining toxins from the system of your cat. Otherwise, the specialist may provide intravenous fluids to clam your cat.

can cats eat nuts and raisins

My Cats Stare At Raisins, Can Cats Eat Raisins?

Cats are very picky about what kind of food they eat. Grape, raisins are sweet. Cats cannot receptive to the taste sweet. So, most cats won’t go close to grape raisins. Even if you hand it to them, they will walk normally away.

But, it does not mean that you should be reckless. In such a case, you should store these kinds of food away from your feline. You can keep grape raisins in the fridge so that it will be out of her reach. You could also keep it in a closed cupboard. We all know how much onion is toxic to cats. We could say the same for raisins and grapes.


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My Cat Ate A Grape

If your cat mistakenly ate a grape should you be worried? Yes, because grapes and raisins are toxic for cats.  This can cause acute sudden kidney failure in cats. It is still unknown why this happens, and what is the toxic agent is present in this fruits. However, clinical signs can occur within 24 hours of eating this fruits. Signs include vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy, tiredness etc.

Grapes, raisins are the most toxic fruits for cats. You should not let your cat eat this fruit. You should keep your cat away from thess fruits.


Can Eats Eat Raisins And Sultanas

Just like grapes Sultanas are not safe for cats. They toxic like grapes. The symptoms of toxicity from grapes, raisins or sultanas can include, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. They could also cause kidney failure in cats.


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What Foods Are Cats Not Allowed To Eat

These food are not safe for cats to eat. By eating these foods your cat can end up in diarrhea.

What foods are bad for cats :
    • Onions and Garlic


    • Raw Eggs, Raw Meat & Bones


    • Chocolate and Caffeinated Drinks


    • Alcohol and Raw Dough


    • Milk and Dairy Products


    • Grapes and Raisins


  • Dog Food

So, What foods Cats Can Eat

There is a list of human food cats can eat.

Some of them are :

  • Liver
  • Lamb
  • Lean Deli Meats
  • Cooked Eggs
  • Fish
  • Pumpkin/Squash
  • Peas
  • Cucumber
  • Peeled Apples
  • Yogurt

can cats eat yogurt covered raisins

Can Cats Eat Tuna

You might ask if can cats eat tuna. It is safe for the cat if you are giving it to your cat in a moderate amount. It’s best to give her cooked tuna. But, you can give her raw, but not every day. If she is eating too much tuna without a limit could cause mercury toxicity to cats.


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Can Cats Eat Pasta

can cats eat pasta

The answer is yes. You can give your cat pasta. But, It is not the best food to feed your cats. You should always ensure all your cat’s daily nutrition are covered by feeding her high-quality cat food. So, If your cat is healthy. You can give your cat pasta occasionally in a small amount.



Grape and raisins are very healthy and tasty food for humans. But, these fruits are not best for the feline to consume. Your cat may suffer from acute renal failure after eating them. If she mistakenly ate this fruit, immediately consult with a veterinary doctor. Hope This article helps you to find the answer to “can cats eat raisins”.

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