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Can cats eat apples? You may be wondering this when you are sitting in your crouch and chomping down on a tasty bit of apple. At that moment you have notice to your cat. Your cat happens to be sitting near you and staring at you. it is natural that you would like to give a slice of apples to your cat.

But, you have no idea if it is safe to do so? When it comes to dogs and apples, the core can actually poison them. Apple pips and seeds contain harmful traces of cyanide. Cyanide scientific name cyanogenic glycosides. That could be harmful and poisonous to cats. But, Apples are not poisonous to cats.

Can Cats Eat Apples?

can cats eat applesauce
can cats eat apples

We are going to discuss. What are the benefits and precaution we should know while feeding Apples to our cats?  If you ask can cats lick apples? If they do. That means they like to play with apples or like to eat apples. We will discuss how much benefit in feeding apples to cats. Is it good for cat nutrition? And what we should avoid before giving it to them.

Yes, Cats could eat apples. But, Cats should eat the seed of apples. They cat be extremely dangerous for your cat. The seed contains a harmful compound called cyanogenic glycoside. If you are not sure, then do not put your cat’s life at risk. It is better to ask a vet before coming to a decision.

But, If you are aware of the fact. You should carefully remove all the green parts and the seed of apples before giving it to your cat.

if cats can eat apples

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Are apples good for cat nutrition?

Apples are filled with a lot of nutrients and health benefits for us. They filled with antioxidants, flavonoids, and fiber. Apples could help to reduce the risk of developing cancer. Even also could help with preventing hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. So they’re really good for our health. But, how good apples are with our cats? Pet-loving people like us always want to make sure that we’re giving our pets the best healthy and nutritious food to their diet. It seems like Apple is on that list. So, are apples okay for cats to eat?

yes.  Apple is safe. If cats eat apples in small and controlled amount. There are few things we should know before.

As we talked earlier. Apple Seeds and pips contain cyanide scientifically refer to cyanogenic glycosides. A very small amount of seed cause upset stomach to cats. If they eat too many seeds in one go, cyanide poisoning will occur. Therefore, if your cat eats apple seeds in very small amounts and every often enough. Still, they will suffer from the severe stomach ailments.

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How to Feed Apples to your Cats

Fresh apples are the best. You should only feed your cat fresh foods. If something you are not going to eat because they are rotten. Then do not feed it to your cat. If you are going to serve up dried apples. The lacks of water contained within it could cause tummy problem for cats. So, it is better to avoid giving dried apples to cats because of lack of water in it.

can cats eat green apples

Always carefully remove every single of the seeds and the core. Also, limit your feeding to just a few slices to bite on. If we give them more than this could cause their tummy upset.

How To Cook Homemade Apple Treats For Cats

There are more than one possibilities of how to prepare an apple for your lovely cat. Firstly, you should slice the apples up into small edible pieces. Put them on top of your cat’s normal meal. Make the pieces smaller so they are more manageable for your cat to eat. It will help to avoid choking.

Otherwise, you could also mash the apples in the grinder. This could also be served with your cat’s normal food. If they like apples, You could also try to mix mashed apples with the cat’s main meal. There is no source of protein in apples. So do not replace the main meal with apples. Apple is a healthy snack for your furry friend.

How to Feed Them Some Testy Slices of Apples

It is also important to remember. Your cat might simply not like apple. If she does not eat the Apples. Don’t try to force them to eat it. Either way do not get into the panic.

Certain fruit can be beneficial to your cat’s health. if they are in small servings, they should not replace your cat’s normal diet. Instead, they could be used as supplementary.

can cats lick apples

This is the reason because your cat is a carnivore. Apples can’t provide every nutrient that your cat needs. It is very important the make sure that your cat has a well-balanced and maintained diet. So your cats stay healthier.

If you’re feeling uncertainty that your cat is not getting everything that she needs. And, your cat is not getting the perfect healthy life from her current diet. You should consult your vet to get advice on a better dietary plan.

Are Apples Good For Cats?

Apples are safe for cats. Apples have very strong antioxidants. They have various health benefits for humans. Can we say that the same things for our cats?

We have discussed that apples aren’t bad for your cat in most of the cases apart from the seeds and core. But, is apple actively good for your cat?

what can cats eat

Foods like apples can be beneficial. For both you and your cat’s health. For Cats in small doses. You could give it as a healthy snack if you are introducing it to your cat’s diet to replace the unhealthy high-fat pet food.
Your cat’s immune system could be strengthened. and its aging will be slowed, similar to the effects the fruit has on human health.

Can Cats Eat Apples. Are they good for cats diet?

Yes, they could. Good to remember. There is no source of protein in it. But, they are a good source of vitamins. If you want to share a slice of the apple with your cat while you are eating, that’s okay. If your cat doesn’t start eating apples as you expected. You do not have to worry about that.

can cats eat crab apples

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So, can cats eat apple slices? Not all cat will like apples. If you’re particularly worried about any potential health problems. You can consult your vet. You will find out other ways to help your pet. Apple slices are good for your pet’s diet. When it fed in little pieces of fruit.

If Can Cats Eat Apple Slices. Are They Okay for cats

Yes. cats can eat apples in small slices. As we have discussed. We should always feed them in small amounts. you could add very small slices of apples on their food. Otherwise as a separate treat. Therefore, you can give them in small pieces of fruits.

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Can Cats Eat Apples and Cinnamon

Yes. Your can will be fine after eating a small amount of cinnamon. But, avoid to leave them in open. Put cinnamon somewhere, your furry friend can’t reach to avoid toxication. Overdosing cinnamon could cause lower blood sugar. Also can cause many diseases like lower heart rate, liver diseases, diarrhea, and vomiting. They are not good for pets diet. If consume at higher does It could be dangerous to cats.

can cats eat apples and Cinnamon

It hard for lungs. Consuming in big amount can experience coughing for us as well for cats. It causes choking and bronchospasm. So, it is easy to notice if something is wrong. Cinnamon essential oil never leaves it near cats. It can burn her skin and damage the membrane around her mouth and eyes.

It is okay for cats if they consume a low amount. In case if your cat consumes too much cinnamon. You should call the veterinarian immediately for her safety. Or take her directly to him. It can be a life-threatening issue. But you will never know how much spice she has consumed. As for apples and cinnamon always keep them in the limit.

Can Cats Eat Applesauce

The applesauce from the supermarket is artificially made. They are good for you furry friend. They contain many artificial preservatives and chemicals. These artificial preservatives might have drastic effects on a cat’s digestive system. If you really want to give your cat some applesauce.

Then you should try making it on your own. The applesauce made at home. they are free from artificial flavoring and coloring. So, this way, it would not be harmful.

can cats eat applesauce

Cat’s digestive system works in a little different manner. A human body can easily get rid of the toxins present in these artificially made food items. Cats cannot do this. Therefore, giving your cat some applesauce is a clear no-no. Unless it is a just once-in-a-while treat. The applesauce is better made at home.

Well, applesauce has fiber. This is very helpful if it comes to digestion problems. It helps to regulate and enhances bowel movement. It helps your cat to lose fat. Although, applesauce does not have any artificial sugar if you are making it on your own. It is low caloric intake helps to fill the hunger. They are good for cat diet. It is one of the foods cats can eat.

Health Benefit Of Applesauce

In wild, cats would not eat fruits for their dietary needs. Home cats and their wild ancestors are carnivores. They would live on the flesh of the prey animal. Their diet is based on meat and muscle tissue. But, it can also include animal fiber. And that could be indigestible a bit. These pieces are bones, furs, and tenders.

it is possible that those animal fibers play a role for wild carnivores cats, the same thing plant fiber does for us. Your cat definitely does not require to eat applesauce. But, you can give once a while in a small amount.

Some Question You May Have – IF Can Cat Eat

Can Cats Eat Apple Pie

Are they safe for your cat? If your cat eats a little bit of apple is fine. It contains a high amount of sugar. It best that you avoid feeding sugar product to your cat.

Can Cats Have Apple Juice

can cats eat apple juice

Can cats have apple juices? The answer is yes. If you want to give your cat apple juice. Make the juice your own. The apple juice you get from the supermarket contains preservatives, added sugar, and other chemicals. You can extract the juice from the apples. Do not add any sugar though. Just like the apples give the apple juice in low quantity.

Can I Give My Cats Apples– Any Benefits

Apple is one of the human foods are safe for cats. Apples are one the delicious healthy treat for cats. It is a good source of the vitamin. They are High in a lot vitamin and minerals. Apple contains Potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C. It also contains dietary fiber pectin (an easily soluble fiber) there is any nutritional benefit in the fresh apple. Always feed your cat fresh apples.

The protein levels are obviously very low. Apple is best served as a treat. Apples are not substituted for their normal diet.

The apple skin also has health benefits. This contains a series of chemicals known as phytonutrients. It is a plant nutrient which is known to have anti-oxidant properties.

can cats eat apples and bananas

If you are giving your cat a little bit of apples for eating. There are no concerns feeding them some slices a little treat. Otherwise, you could put some slices of topping to their normal cat food. It could be a good side dish for your cat. It will be supplying naturals vitamins. If you Believe it or not, the apple skin also has a health benefit. The apple skin contains plant chemicals known as phytonutrients. these are said to have anti-oxidant properties. it can help to reduce the risk of cancer in both humans and cats.

If your cat shows any signs of liking to eat apple skin. If they like to eat apples. you should give the apple with apple skin without any doubt concerns. Feed them some slices as a little treat or as a little topping to their normal cat food.

Can Cats Eat Granny Smith Apples? Any Benefit of Cats Diet

can cats eat granny smith apples

Just like apples if you ask can cats eat granny smith apples. Same like apples keep quantity low in one sit. Provide it once and twice a week. Never forgot to take out seeds they are very dangerous for cats. If you are not sure do not feed it to your cat. Take advice from the vet beforehand. Apples could be one of the foods cats can eat. They are not dangerous to cats. But make sure to remove the seeds. As we have mentioned earlier. If your cat eats the seeds. It will not end up good.

Can Cats Lick Apples

You might find your cat playing with an apple. She might like it. It is normal for them to play with an apple. Some cats like to try some new fruits and foods that their owner eat. So, if you are eating some apples today. You could give your cat some slice of apples to lick.

Does your cat like to eat apples?

If it yes. Then let us know how you serve the apples to your cat! Let us know how she eats it. And, how many times a week she eats.


We are coming to know that Apples safe for cats. They are good for both cats and humans. There is no problem feeding apples if your cats like to eat it. You can give her small slices of apples at a time. Make small slices and put them on top of their main foods.

If you care for your cat, we advise asking the vet before feeding your cat anything new. But some cats may like to eat apples. You could mesh apples and make a side dish. If asked, what foods are safe for cats. We could surely say that apples are safe for cats. It’s a good source of the natural vitamin. It’s good to note that some human foods may not go well with cats. So now we have fare idea on can cats eat apples.

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